Uniform Checklist



The Station stocks most pieces of the RAD uniform. Please contact Jennifer, at The Station for assistance. Students may purchase the uniform from other sources, but we hope that offering some items locally will be helpful to busy families!

Long hair should be off the neck and pulled away from the face. Buns or other appropriate styles are suitable.

Leotard: Solid-color with no embellishments.

    Pre-School, Pre-primary and Primary classes: Pink short-sleeve

    Beginning Ballet: Marine Blue tank

    Ballet 3: Lavender tank

    Ballet 4: Mulberry tank

    Ballet 5: Navy tank

    Intermediate: Royal Blue tank or camisole

    Advanced: Purple tank or camisole



    Pre-School, Pre-primary and Primary: pink ballet socks

    Beginning Ballet: pink ballet socks (preferred for younger students) or tights

    Ballet 3 and up: pink tights


    Pre-School, Pre-primary & Primary: pink, leather, full-soled ballet slippers

    Beginning Ballet: pink, leather, full-soled ballet slippers and character shoes

    Ballet 4: pink, leather, full-soled ballet slippers, character shoes, pointe shoes with instructor approval.

    Intermediate: pink ballet slippers (split or full-soled), character shoes, demi-pointe shoes (if doing pointe) and pointe shoes (with instructor approval)

    Advanced: demi-pointe shoes and pointe shoes


    Pre-School, Pre-primary and Primary: Pink RAD regulation ballet skirt (no tutus)

    Beginning Ballet, Ballet 1 - 8: Character skirt

    Ballet 8/Intermediate/Advanced: Character skirt and long chiffon skirt that matches leotard


White t-shirt or leotard

Navy blue shorts

White socks

White leather, full-soled ballet slippers