Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept all students at the Ballet Academy?

Yes, students of all ages and abilities are welcome to study at the Ballet Academy.


Students that want to pursue a professional dance career will find that they will be well-prepared with the instruction they receive here. Proper technique, artistry and injury prevention are all high priorities at the Ballet Academy. Small classes ensure personalized instruction. Classical ballet is also the foundation for all other dances, so students with dreams of pursuing any type of dance or performing career will benefit from their training at the Ballet Academy.


Not every student dreams of a dance vocation, but studying dance at the Ballet Academy can benefit every student. Students gain strength and body control that can be transferred to other athletic endeavors. Self-discipline, confidence and working hard to reach goals are traits developed here that can benefit every student, no matter what their future interests may be. Class instruction is carefully designed to be age appropriate, so students have a lot of fun, too!


Whatever your reasons for investigating our website, we are glad you found us. We encourage you to read on further and find out more about what we have to offer every student.


What are the RAD Examinations?

The Royal Academy of Dance offers examinations in classical ballet for both young children starting out in dance classes and the older student, whether their interest in ballet is just a hobby or the student aspires to dance as a vocation. This is the student’s chance to compare her/his performance to worldwide standards (and a parent’s reassurance that your child is receiving the best instruction available). A student may need additional classes to prepare in the weeks prior to the exam. Participating in examinations is not a requirement for continuing your child’s instruction with this studio. Click on this link for additional information on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

There are so many cute dance outfits, why do your ballet classes require a uniform?

There are many benefits to having all the students wear the RAD approved uniform. First, by eliminating differences in attire, both students and instructor can focus on position and movement without being distracted. The RAD skirts are also designed in length and fullness to help students learn correct arm position. The ballet socks worn by our youngest students allow the instructor to see leg and muscle position more clearly.


Parents will also discover that less money is spent on dance attire in the long run. Skirts and ballet socks will often last and fit for years. Leotards and ballet shoes can be used until worn out (but they are usually outgrown first). The uniform used in class (as long as it is in good condition) is also the same uniform required for the RAD Examinations. There are no expensive recital costumes that are used once and then put in a closet. Outside performances usually use pieces of the class uniform. If additional costuming is necessary for these extra performances, students need only pay a nominal rental fee for use of studio costumes.


There are many stores that sell ballet slippers. Please contact your instructor prior to making a purchase. A difference in a few dollars actually makes a huge difference in the quality of shoe. Your instructor can help you find a shoe that will last, fit properly and offer the flexibility needed for proper movement.


Do the students perform in a year-end recital?

Throughout the year, students are working on the foundations to make them better dancers.  Parents are invited to an open house each semester to see what their children are working on and to learn more about the instruction. The Ballet Academy does offer performance opportunities throughout the year, such as the Art Hop, Festival of Trees, etc. Whenever possible, classwork is incorporated into the performance, so students don’t spend the entire year working on performance pieces and missing out on the foundations. Additional practice sessions may be needed prior to performances.


There are so many activities available for kids, why should my child study dance?

Even if your child will not be a ballerina, ballet has much to offer. As exercise, ballet provides an excellent work-out by increasing strength, flexibility and grace. The repetition of exercises stimulates the brain and memory and movement to music develops the ear. The study of dance will also help your child to learn dedication and commitment, learn discipline and mental focus, build confidence and self-esteem and awaken a lifelong appreciation for the art of dance. Your child will be given instruction in a caring environment, learning how to benefit from constructive criticism. But, most importantly, learning ballet at The Ballet Academy is FUN!


What is character dance?

Character dance is the theatrical version of folk dances. In this school, we specifically study dance styles from the countries of Hungary, Poland and Russia. Similar dance style is found in the classical masterpieces, such as Swan Lake, Coppelia and Sleeping Beauty. Character dance is an essential part of a dancer’s classical training and is good training for rhythm. Character dancing is also a lot of fun!


What is free movement dancing?

Free movement dancing is a form of modern dance, in the Greek classical style. It helps to train flexibility in the spine and use of breath for fluidity of movement. Free movement dancing is just one more piece of the training that will help form a great-looking dancer.


When should my child start pointe?

There is no harm in waiting to begin pointe, but there is harm in starting too soon. Please consult with the instructor for more information about pointe and your child’s class placement.


Can we observe a class before signing up?

We would be delighted to have you visit our classes. We encourage you to visit the class your child would attend, and your child may participate in one lesson for the $17 drop-in rate. If your child is young, you may also wish to visit a class of older students to see the skills that your child will be developing in the future.


There are a lot of dance schools, why should we choose your school?

There are many dance schools that teach ballet and each one is different.

Here is what makes The Ballet Academy special:


Only a RAD registered instructor will be teaching ballet to your child. RAD teachers have the training and qualifications necessary to teach dance to both young and older students. RAD teachers continue training throughout their careers to update their skills and knowledge. Even our youngest students get the benefit of highly qualified instruction. Small classes ensure personalized instruction.


RAD registered teachers adhere to a carefully designed syllabus, which is both fun and safe. Ballet is a physical activity and parents should be very cautious about choosing instruction that doesn’t make safety a priority. The Ballet Academy features a state-of-the-art sprung floor to protect dancers’ bodies. RAD teachers must know anatomy and child psychology as it applies to dance and follow a class syllabus that has been designed very carefully for each level. The RAD curriculum is challenging at each level, but the challenges are attainable, fun and safe.


Our program is designed to help young dancers build their confidence and self-esteem. Students will learn ballet in a caring and supportive environment, following the RAD syllabus. They will gain confidence in their skills and abilities as a dancer before they perform on stage. Students participating in the RAD examinations and parent open-houses will be showcasing their skills in a classroom setting. Even the most timid of performers has been able to blossom in our program.