Why Dance?


Today’s children and their parents have many activities to choose from. Why choose dance?

With correct, professional training, dance benefits the Mind, Body and Spirit!


Creativity is heightened

Teaches focus and concentration

Teaches an understanding and appreciation of excellence

Fosters self-discipline

Teaches stage presence and performing ability - good for future public speaking, etc.

Teaches healthy group participation: Cooperation, sharing, working with and helping others, etc.

Exercise induces growth factors in the brain builds new neurons into the brain circuits, builds new synapses, improves learning, improves vascular function of the brain.

Develops effective body language for more effective communication

Practices physics, so increases understanding of the curriculum when formally taught


Develops body balance, which is key in all sports, although not taught in all sports

Tones muscles and improves flexibility

Helps with weight control

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Teaches an understanding of the body, its capabilities and limitations

Enhances kinesthetic awareness

Improves coordination for injury prevention in all other sports and endeavors

Develops muscle control and refinement

Improves posture

Develops poise and grace

Physical activity, which incorporates weight-bearing strength and balance-training exercises is an important part of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones


Encourages a healthy outlet to express one’s feelings

Allows for the pure enjoyment that movement brings

Sparks enthusiasm

Encourages good competition with oneself

Increases sensitivity

Encourages and improves musicality

Increases and enhances artistic sensibility

Improved posture will create positive impressions, gain respect and admiration from others

The end result of good ballet training will be an elegant and refined individual!